Saturday Night Live

Jim was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1983 to 1985.
During those 2 seasons he appeared on 33 episodes.

He made a guest appearance on May 12, 2003 with Dan Akyroyd and John Goodman.


Celebrity Impersonations:

Arnold SchwarzeneggerJiBe-Arnold Schwarzenegger Babe RuthJiBe-Babe Ruth Bob GuccioneJiBe-Bob Guccione Hulk HoganJiBe-Hulk Hogan Joan CollinsJiBe-Joan Collins Michael ReaganJiBe-Michael Reagan
Richard DonnerJiBe-Michael Reagan Robert KeeshanJiBe-Robert Keeshan Rosemary ClooneyJiBe-Rosemary Clooney Thomas NoguchiJiBe-Thomas Noguchi Willie NelsonJiBe-Willie Nelson Pope John Paul IIJiBe-Pope John Paul II


Recurring Characters:

JiBe-Hank Rippy
Hank Rippy

JiBe-Jesse DonnellyJesse Donnelly

JiBe-That White GuyThat White Guy