New Site Design 3

Hey all!

The site has been redesigned.  Go check it out….be kind with the critiques 😉

A couple of things have been added to the shop area.  I found a very limited quantity of According to Jim DVD sets and scripts in storage.   Hopefully I can find a few more unique items and add them.  Keep checking back.

– KG –

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    A few months back I was at an estate auction in east Hemet. Ca. At the auction I purchased a couple of items that included a black cowboy type hat and a bull whip. They came with a certificate of authenticity. These two items belonged to the father of John and Jim Belushi. I went onto the internet and pulled up a picture of their father. In the picture it showed the father wearing the hat I had just purchased. I want to offer this hat to Jim. No tricks no nothing! I thought you may want to have some of your fathers personal belongings.

    . Please understand I do NOT want ANYTHING! If you are interested in getting your fathers hat back you can call !e at 951-229-2690 or e mail !e at

  • Hugo Carlos Silva

    Hello guys,
    Im from Brazil therefore my english it’s not quite fluent. I used to watch According to Jim and liked the songs a lot.
    Unfortunately i jus can’t find the lyrics anywhere and i think it would be great to include it in here.
    I used to watch the show when i was a kid and i have these songs like a way of eternize it.

    If someday you guys show up in Brazil please say hi (or “Say I Do”). :))

    Thanks a lot!