Jim and the Board of Comedy Article and Tour dates 1

Here’s an interview from the Staten Island Advance: Chairman of the Board: Jim Belushi’s team of Second City improv pros to do business with Staten Island

Be sure to check the tour dates on the Board of Comedy’s website to see if they’re coming to a club or theatre near you!!


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One thought on “Jim and the Board of Comedy Article and Tour dates

  • kim (skip) stewart

    Jim its skip the first limo driver for the Chicago House of Blues for 12 years, and after Warner (the G.M,) only to get canned on Christmas!
    Remember three weeks later you called me at O’Hare airport and started telling me off after waiting 45 minutes for some car valet (my replacement) and as soon as I told you what they did, you said “can you pick me up?” Well of course! Shoot my back is fractured in several places and I would do it all over again. I love it when we got to talk you insisted on me wrighting up a 3 hour charter with a 30% tip!
    But what you did after that I will always remember and respect. Of course the new G.M. (cheap ass) crumpled it up told me off and to get out of his office, but when I told you, the next day you were in his face telling him off big time. IN FRONT OF HIS STAFF!! Needless to say I got paid. Lmao
    Facebook me kim stewart I would love to see you again. If not I totally understand. But I will never forget..
    Thanks Jim