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2 thoughts on “John Belushi 34 years has passed.

  • Mr. Lonnie "L.B. Blues" Booker

    Mr. John Belushi was a very great man and was the original face of Blues music with a lot of his charisma, he had a lot of pizzazz, and he was a great Picasso and a great innovator of Blues comedy music as part of his implementation. As Joliet Jake, He was the heart and soul of Chicago style blues music where Mr. Belushi discovered his roots from. Mr. Belushi was influenced by his favorite blues and soul musicians are blues greats John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Magic Sam, Muddy Waters, Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five, B.B. King, Wilson “Wicked” Pickett, James Brown, Ray Charles and Elmore James. Also performed updated versions with Aretha Franklin and her all-time favorite updated tune “Think”. Furthermore, himself and Dan Aykroyd collaborated with Ray Charles and performed an updated version of The Five Du-Tones doo wop soul classic “Shake a Tail Feather” and also did a medley of Spencer Davis Group’s updated version of “Gimme Some Lovin’ was Written by Steve and Muff Winwood & Spencer Davis was from 50 years ago from the old days and also with two country western updated classics “Theme from Rawhide” “Country A key” was Written and Composed by Ned Washington and Dimitri Tiomkin and “Stand By Your Man” by the great Tammy Wynette. R.I.P. “Joliet Jake” (1949-1982).

  • Kim Skip Stewart

    R.I.P. and rest assured that Jim has gone on and made a career in Hollywood and he does a great stand up.You would be proud as I am.
    my name is Skip and I was the driver for H.O.B. for over ten years. And Jim was a great guy, I got layer of (ON CHRISTMAS )so they could save money, so the new G.M. HAD THE CAR VALETS TAKE MY PLACE. So when Jim found out he was stuck at the freaking airport for an hour, so then he calls me and after telling him he went off.. So he asked me to pick him up and after he saw the family he tells me to bill them 1,000 for 3 hours !! Well when the new GM found out he throws my bill in the trash ! After that I walked over picked the bill out and called Jim in California and he flew back and went nose to nose cussing him out, he even told him “Skips the best driver you have ever had ,come to think of it HE’S THE ONLY DRIVER THAT’S BEEN HERE!! Oh it was nice having Jim as a friend and client.. And I got my check for 1000.00 for less than 3 hours.. Jim if we never talk again that day taught me one thing EVERYBODY HAS SOMEBODY TO ANSWER TO…

    Thanks for sticking up for me Jim