An Evening with Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy (article)

An Evening with Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy

by Wayne Catania

I was lucky enough to catch Jim Belushi and his comedy troop last month in Oakville Ontario at the Oakville performing Art Centre. They have been touring throughout Canada and the US and this was the last show of the tour. It was a full house and I could feel the buzz and excitement in the room as the crowd waited expectantly and the house lights began to dim. Trey Stone, a seasoned Jazz pianist and musical director at Chicago’s Second City, settled at his piano and signaled the opening of the show with an up-tempo bluesy riff. Almost immediately the audience picked up the beat, clapping to the groove and were joined by the sweet sultry sound of a harmonica. Jim was in the house. In fact,he was sitting in the audience and playing a mean harp. Standing to applause, he played all the way to the stage, then, in his famous Zee Blues fashion blasted into “Sweet Home Chicago”; the audience loved it!

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